Pylontech Lithium Battery Support

February 20th, 2019

We are pleased to announce that, starting January 2019, all our Hybrid and Off-Grid Solar Inverters are now officially compatible for use with Pylontech US2000B Plus/3000 Lithium batteries, in 3 ways.

MPI Hybrid Application with BMS
  • MPI Hybrid models starting January 2019 will now be able to work with Pylontech Lithium batteries through the use of optional RS485 Modbus Card (sold separately).  Simply install RS485 card into Hybrid inverter’s intelligent slot, then connect the card to Pylontech’s BMS port and it is automatic compatibility.  Please note MPI Hybrid units produced prior to January 2019 will NOT be able to support Pylontech batteries.

GK/MK Application with BMS
  • PIP-GK and PIP-MK 48V models (5048GK, 5048MK), starting January 2019, will be updated with special firmware PCB for use with Pylontech Lithium batteries.  Users simply have to connect a BMS cable (supplied separately upon request) directly from GK/MK’s reserved BMS port to the Pylontech’s BMS port and it is automatic compatibility.

Application without BMS
  • For application without BMS, our Off-Grid inverter family (PIP-HS/MS, PIP-HSE/MSE/MSXE, PIP-GE, PIP-MSD/MST, and older versions of PIP-GK/MK) can still be programmed to match setting with Pylontech batteries.  For normal daily use it is not mandatory to use BMS with Pylontech batteries provided that the settings are done correctly.  It should be noted that without BMS, the inverter’s display of battery SOC may not be very accurate.  Please refer to Pylontech compatibility manual on how to program your inverter to use with Pylontech batteries without BMS support.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Sales team for further information. Thank you for your attention.