ith over 20 years of UPS/inverter production experience, MPP Solar dedicates itself to continuous research and product development in order to provide the most reliable solar energy products to our clients. Backed by reliable Taiwanese craftsmanship and strict plant management, we are able to instill confidence of high quality products to our customers.

At MPP Solar, we believe in building trusting relationships over transactions. We want to be your reliable, long-term go-to partner. Our 3 main business philosophies –

  • GREEN: going solar should not just be a fad, but a continuous commitment to preserve environment and reduce energy waste/consumption. We continuously developing efficient energy products to reduce carbon footprint.
  • TRUST:  the best customer is a repeating customer. We want to gain your trust, by helping one customer at a time.  We are not interested in being the Price Leader of the industry, but we want to be the Trust Leader.
  • CUSTOMIZE: everyone has different needs so let us know your plans and budget, and we will help you build a system that fit you.

Let us know what you need, and we will do our best to ensure you and your customers are happy. After all, buying solar should be this easy.