September 2011 – Electric, Power, and Renewable Energy Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing economy amongst the world’s industrial countries and emerging markets.  Much potential can be seen from the electric, general power, and especially renewable energy sectors.  It was an honor to meet with customers regarding off-grid market growth in this country and we were proud to showcase our solar chargers and inverter-chargers.


June 2011 – Intersolar (Munich, Germany)

intersolarThis is the largest global event for Solar Power (and renewable energy) exhibition. Attracting over 50,000 visitors worldwide, MPP Solar works with local partners to co-display MPPT solar chargers, grid-tied and off-grid inverter-chargers.


May 2011 – Solar Expo (Verona, Italy)

Solar Expo features exhibition area in PV, CPV, Solar Thermal, and Solar Architecture.  Italy is still a main player in PV installation despite government cutbacks in FIT in many EU countries.  In this event, off-grid inverters and MPPT solar chargers were displayed.


Feb 2011 – ENR: Salon des Energies Renouvelables (Lyon, France)

lyon2 lyon EnR Renewable Energy Exhibition in Lyon, France 2011 was one of the largest exhibition in France for renewable energies.  Grid-tie PV inverters as well as numerous off-grid/grid optional pure sine wave inverter-chargers by MPP Solar were introduced here.  Held annually in Over 50,000 visitors attended this event.


November 2010 – EnerSolar+ (Milan, Italy)

enersolar1 enersolar2 enersolar3Italy has always been a traditional powerhouse in EU in terms of PV installation and market interest.  While most interest is still focused on grid-tied systems (our MPI series), we also discover enthusiasm in the off grid market.


October 2010 – IGEM (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

igem igem3 igem2 Malaysia is a rising star in the renewable energy markets in Asia, with rapidly growing demands in remote areas where off grid power equipment such as inverter-chargers and solar charge controllers are in serious need.  We are proud to have established several partnerships during this exhibition.


June 2010 – Solar Taiwan (Taipei, Taiwan)

solartaiwan solartaiwan2 Solar Taiwan 2010 features new suppliers from photovoltaic sectors as well as solar thermal products. We introduce and display various type of solar thermal energy products in this event.